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Current Storyline

Queen Yasmine of the Awakened has begun an unprecedented assault on all of planet Solaris. Every major village and city has been attacked by rapidly growing plants that consume everything in their path. The Elyndrians are currently gathering information to determine their next steps, but it seems everyone may be on their own as this attack is on a scale never seen before.

Drake and Krauser helped defend Elyndaar City. After defending the city they traveled to Valen City. After arriving in the city they discovered it had been nearly wiped clean. The remaining citizens were hiding out while the Shadow Broker's defended the city from the Sporelings and a mutated Norven Nelbright.

Drake and Krauser defeated Norven and trapped him in the Arena of Elyndaar City. After realizing the Shadow Broker's were a bunch of kids manipulated by Norven, they discovered pretty much all of them died during the assault. As a result of the attack and the imprisonment of Norven, the Shadow Broker's are no more. Drake sent Elyndrian mechanoids to rebuild the city.

Now Drake and Krauser head to Captain Tillen's Harbor City to aid in the battle...

Legendary Boons

The currently attainable Legendary Boon is a gift bestowed by Lord Kelthuron of the Thunderwing Brood. This boon requires at least 6,000 words of contribution to the current storyline (listed above) to unlock. Like all Legendary Boons, the Dragon Lord's Blessing grants the character a permanent +20 to his or her primary stat (based on class) and a +10 to his or her secondary stat (based on class).

The Dragon Lord's Blessing is only available during the current storyline and will be unobtainable after the storyline concludes. To obtain this Legendary Boon on an additional character the player must contribute at least 3,000 words with that character. Please see the Equipment Guide for more details on Legendary Boons.

News & Updates

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